Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bar of HAND Soap Recipe

Okay, who am I kidding! make my own recipes? dang. So I needed some help here and there, some research and I finally found something easy. What we will be making today is a "a bar of HAND soap" --- literally!

So what we're gonna need:

  • white or clear soap base
  • 4 soap clips
  • disposable latex glove
  • soap colorant
  • 2 same size containers
  • rubbing alcohol

1. Secure latex gloves with clips in between 2 containers.
2. Take your glycerine soap and cut them into small cubes. Heat inside the microwave not too long, just enough to melt.

3. At this point you can add soap colorant and fragrance of your choice.

Note: Allow the soap to cool before pouring inside the secured latex glove. If the soap is too hot, this will cause the glove to sag or melt the latex material.

4. When it reaches a batter consistency, pour inside the latex gloves. Spray with rubbing alcohol to eliminate bubbles.

5. Leave soap for a few hours till it's set.

6. When the soap is ready, peel out the latex glove carefully

.... and DONE!

source: http://www.shandles.com/