Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shandles Proudly Presents " D.I.V.A.L.I.C.O.U.S Bath Bombs"

I'm glad you're here to witness my new product line the Divalicious Bath Bombs! Next week I will officially be putting up these luscious bomb treats on my website,, *wink* and I am soooo excited to add these to the Shandles collection. Shandles will no longer be limited to shells and candles... say hello to SOAPS, SHELLS and CANDLES! .....and of course the bath and body treats.

Shandles' products cater to women of all ages. If you like to decorate your new place, my decorative candles would be perfect to achieve that "classy-feel" in your living room.

Since we cater mostly to women, we have merged our product line to the bath and body trend. We ladies just loooovve to pamper ourselves, don't we? OMG I have sooo many beauty products that I can't wait to add. Like authentic designer fragrances, make-up, but we'll get there soon!:)

So I'll keep you guys posted. Be sure to check on us next week where we will be having our ribbon cutting!:)