Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clay Recipe

This clay recipe is a simple homemade recipe. There is no baking or cooking involved and when it hardens, it can be used for jewelry beads as well. Some cute earrings are gonna come out of these. This does not come out like polymer clay though. I've read somewhere that you can't make homemade polymer clay. Sigh. Oh well, this should be close enough. I'm gonna experiment different styles and shapes with these and we'll see what color matches the mother of pearl pendants.

Things we need:

2 cups baking soda
1 cup flour
1-1/4 cups water
poster, water color or acrylic paint
mica (optional)

In a saucepan, add 1 cup flour and 2 cups baking soda and mix well.

Pour the water in and heat until the mixture is moist like mashed potato consistency.

Take it out and let cool.

Knead the though like you would making bread.

This is the fun part. You can form the clay with your hands, like round beads, square or diamond however you like it. Or, you can roll out the clay 1/4 inch thick and cut them out with cookie cutters.

Before the clay hardens, poke a hole using a bobby pin, needle or wire so you can string them later on.

This clay can be painted when dry. Have fun creating your own designs and dust some mica or shimmer powder to finish.