Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome To My Artsy World

This blog is all about PINK. LUSH. POSH! Interesting artsy stuff! It all started when I've been building my own website, http://www.shandles.com/. Yep, me myself and I. It's crazy and fun at the same time. So what's so special about my site? Well, It's a collection of all things beautiful.. from candles, bath bombs, sea shells, jewelry, soaps with exceptional designs. Check out my site at http://shandles.com/ and you'll see what I mean ;)

Anyway, this has inspired me to make my own arts and crafts at home. And I will be posting some artsy recipes on here so feel free to use them when you're bored lol. Oh, and some might need some tweaking so comment me when it doesn't come out right.

Another thing that lead into this "blog's existence" is my passion for shells namely mother of pearl shells, paua shells and mabe pearl. I have been looking for these gorgeous jewels of the sea that I have some artistically carved shell pendants shipped from south east asia specifically the Pearl of the Orient.

Since I am still starting up, you may notice I have limited stocks available at shandles.com but don't worry I will keep updating my site when the new candles and shells will arrive.. hopefully very soon!